November 30, 2018

CNAS’ Scharre, Lockheed’s Maxwell on Onyx Exoskeleton and Super Soldiers

Paul Scharre, director of the technology and national security program at the Center for a New American Security, and Keith Maxwell, the project manager of Lockheed Martin’s Onyx Exoskeleton, discuss the company’s new powered lower-body suit that helps improve soldier endurance and performance as well as other efforts to enhance the capabilities of future troops with Defense & Aerospace Editor Vago Muradian. The interview followed the launch of the last report in CNAS’ Super Soldier series aimed at highlighting opportunities to bolster the endurance, capabilities and protection for future ground forces. Our coverage is in partnership with CNAS.

  • Commentary
    • The New York Times
    • February 12, 2020
    The Iranian Missile Strike Did Far More Damage Than Trump Admits

    Over 100 American soldiers have been treated for traumatic brain injuries following Iran’s missile strike on Al Asad Air Base in western Iraq. The strike came in retaliation f...

    By Loren DeJonge Schulman & Paul Scharre

  • Commentary
    • Fifth Domain
    • February 4, 2020
    When the homefront becomes the (cyber) front line

    American soldiers have long marched off to war with one assurance: by fighting abroad they were keeping their families safe at home. Today, advances in digital technology comb...

    By COL Sarah Albrycht

  • Commentary
    • Defense One
    • September 30, 2018
    The US Military Must Lighten Warfighters’ Loads

    In World War II, being an infantryman was the third-deadliest job in the American military, behind bombardiers and submariners. In the years since, technology has woven a cloa...

    By Paul Scharre

  • Reports
    • April 29, 2018
    Protecting Warfighters from Blast Injury

    Executive Summary Key Findings Hundreds of thousands of servicemembers suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI), including from exposure to blasts from improvised ex...

    By Lauren Fish & Paul Scharre

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