March 04, 2022

Joe Cirincione: Russian Attacks on Nuclear Plants Could Lead to a ‘Major Incident of Mass Destruction’

By Andrea Kendall-Taylor

Nuclear Security Analyst Joe Cirincione and Former National Intelligence Officer for Russia and Eurasia Andrea Kendall-Taylor join Garrett Haake to discuss the attack on a Ukrainian nuclear power plant by Russian forces. “If you breach a containment dome, if you cut off the electricity, if you sever the plumbing that supplies the cooling water to these plants, you are looking at a meltdown. You’re looking at Fukushima, a Chernobyl. This could be a major, major incident of mass destruction here,” says Cirincione. “We have to do everything possible to keep open lines of communication with the Russian government, in particular, to ensure that incidents don't like this don't spiral out of control,” says Kendall-Taylor.

Watch the full video from MSNBC here.

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