CNAS Council Benefits

CNAS develops bold, innovative, and bipartisan ideas to shape and elevate the national security debate. The CNAS Council is comprised of business and national security leaders from an array of backgrounds coming together to enrich the Center’s intellectual agenda. The Council’s diverse membership allows for many interests and viewpoints to be shared with CNAS experts as they conduct their research. The Council also serves as a powerful link between the public and private sectors by inviting members to participate in private discussions with national security leaders across the United States and abroad.


BIPARTISAN. CNAS is the premier national security organization in Washington, D.C., that is led by both Democrats and Republicans and embraces both perspectives to advance America’s security.

NEXT GENERATION. CNAS prepares the next generation of national security leaders and launches them into public service.

CNAS EXPERTISE. Defense | Energy, Economics, & Security | Indo-Pacific Security| Military, Veterans, & Society | Middle East Security | Technology & National Security | Transatlantic Security

VETERANS AS A COMPONENT OF NATIONAL SECURITY. CNAS remains the only think tank that views challenges facing America’s service members, veterans, and military families as a component of national security.

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CNAS Council Support Levels

Ambassador’s Circle | $10,000+ contribution

Commander’s Circle | $5,000–9,999 contribution

Leadership Circle | $2,500–4,999 contribution

Supporting CNAS

All CNAS Council member contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law. No goods or services will be exchanged for this contribution. Additionally, CNAS has a four-star rating from Charity Navigator. This is the highest possible rating and indicates that CNAS adheres to the sector’s best practices and executes its mission in a financially efficient way.

For additional information, please contact Vincent Femia, Deputy Director or Development, at [email protected].