The CNAS Technology Policy Lab

The United States is in a new era of strategic competition with technology at its center. From export controls to data privacy protections, U.S. global leadership hinges on how it counters illiberal uses of technology and harnesses the benefits of critical and emerging technologies.

The CNAS Technology Policy Lab is a working group structure designed to incubate solutions to crucial yet under-developed technology policy problems. CNAS identifies key topics and questions for each Lab and brings together subject matter experts from academia, industry, and the policy community to together develop solutions. Solving today's most difficult technology policy problems requires bridging the divide between the private sector and government. Each Lab produces concrete policy recommendations to bolster U.S. national security interests and promote American competitiveness.

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Technology & National Security

Data Privacy

Protecting consumer data privacy is at the center of many of Washington’s technology-related debates. Apps such as TikTok, for example, raise fears about how foreign adversari...

Technology & National Security

Digital Decentralization and Its Effects on Democracy

According to blockchain technologists, web decentralization would fundamentally alter business, societies, and the balance of digital power by reorganizing the internet, using...

Technology & National Security

Dual-Use Technology and U.S. Export Controls

Technology is a key enabler of political, military, and economic power. As technical competence grows more diffused, middle powers such as India and Brazil are emerging as tec...