U.S. National Technology Strategy In Short

The Center for a New American Security Technology and National Security Program produced a three-video series that explores the need for a U.S. National Technology Strategy.

Crafting a U.S. National Technology Strategy

Technology will shape the future of political, economic, and military power. But for years, America’s technology policymaking has been passive and piecemeal — putting long-term American innovation and technological leadership at risk. The first CNAS In Short video explainer explores recommendations to protect America’s standing as the world’s leading technology power and ensure that future technologies are consistent with democratic values.

U.S. Technology Competitiveness: Lessons from the Space Age

The second CNAS In Short explores how the U.S. government mobilized its remarkable innovation base—its people, infrastructure, and resources—in the aftermath of the Sputnik launch. The U.S. government's actions throughout this period hold important lessons for how the country should bolster and advance its technological competitiveness today.

Better Together: The Case for a Technology Alliance

The United States faces a challenge like no other in its history—a strategic competition with a rising China. Technology is at the center of this competition. America needs a national technology strategy to drive innovation, mitigate risk, and compete for security and prosperity. But America cannot compete alone. The U.S. approach to technology must involve partnering with like-minded countries. This third and final video explores how the United States and other tech-leading democracies should create a technology alliance to collaborate on big issues, such as groundbreaking research and development, securing supply chains, and defending technology norms rooted in democratic values.

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