America Competes 2020

America Competes 2020 is a Center-wide initiative featuring cutting-edge CNAS research, publications, events, and multimedia aimed at strengthening the United States’ strategic advantages at home and abroad.

Key pillars of America Competes 2020 will include:

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Rising to the China Challenge

The United States and China are locked in strategic competition over the future of the Indo-Pacific—the most populous, dynamic, and consequential region in the world....


Winning the Next War

Chinese and Russian capabilities to exploit vulnerabilities in America's current way of war have grown. Without major changes to how it fights its wars, does the United States...


Protracted Great-Power War

Executive Summary This study provides preliminary observations and insights on the character and conduct of protracted great-power war.1 It finds the U.S. Department of Defens...

Military, Veterans & Society

New York State Minority Veteran Needs Assessment

It is imperative to develop a deeper understanding of whether there are specific veteran subpopulations that are faring differently from their peers...

Technology & National Security

CNAS Launches Digital Freedom Forum

The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) has announced the launch of the Digital Freedom Forum, part of the CNAS Countering High-Tech Illiberalism project. The Forum will...


CNAS: Bold Ideas for National Security

This year, CNAS experts brought bold ideas and bipartisan cooperation to the national security conversation. In 2020, the CNAS team will continue tackling the biggest security...