Lt Col Stewart J. Parker

Former Senior Military Fellow

United States Air Force

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Lieutenant Colonel Stewart J. Parker is a former Senior Military Fellow at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS).

Colonel Parker is a career Special Tactics Officer who was previously assigned to the Joint Staff. He prepared briefings and position papers for the Deputy Director for Special Operations, Counterterrorism, and Detainee Affairs and he advised senior leaders on employment of Special Operations Forces.

Colonel Parker was commissioned through the US Air Force Academy in May 2002. He is qualified as a jumpmaster, combat diver, and joint terminal attack control instructor and he was previously designated as the subject matter expert on fire support for Air Force Special Operations Command. He also served as Director of Operations, 23rd Special Tactics Squadron and as Commander, 21st Special Tactics Squadron. He has conducted multiple combat deployments performing reconnaissance, strike, and personnel recovery missions.

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