May 15, 2020

What the COVID-19 pandemic reveals about the US military's role in defending the nation

By Lt Col Stewart Parker

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a stark reminder that America’s defense requires more than the Department of Defense. 

This was awkwardly clear earlier this month, as combat aircraft paid tribute to the nation’s healthcare workers with a series of highly visible flyovers in the skies above many American cities. Against an infectious disease, exquisite warplanes such as the F-35, the most expensive defense program in U.S. history, are not good for much more than saying thank you. The flyovers were even derided as unhelpful bullshit. Could the military do more to assist? Likely yes, but there are risks. The U.S. military has a monopoly on legitimate violence against foreign enemies; it must be ready to do what only the military can do. Now is the time to put the military back in its place.

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