April 07, 2014

Again, a female cop is hero at Fort Hood

Source: CNN

Journalist: Eliott C. McLaughlin

(CNN) -- A soldier has committed a deadly mass shooting at Texas' Fort Hood again. And again, a female police officer was involved in bringing the violent rampage to an end.

The military policewoman has not been identified, but by all accounts, she risked her life to ensure the bedlam wrought by Spc. Ivan Lopez came to a close in the second building he entered.

By then, Lopez, whom the Army chief of staff has described as a "very experienced soldier," had taken three lives and wounded 16 people -- all of them Army personnel. Without the officer's courageous actions, Wednesday's casualty count might have been higher.

"It was clearly heroic what she did in that moment in time," said Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, the post's commander. "She did her job, and she did exactly what we'd expect of a United States Army military police."

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