March 20, 2023

AI Isn’t Yet Going to Take Your Job — But You May Have to Work With It

Source: The Washington Post

Journalist: Danielle Abril

Looking ahead, retailers might use computer vision to automatically identify whether a customer is old enough to buy alcohol, Chakravarty said, adding that the tech is in early stages of adoption. Generative AI may also soon write product descriptions for thousands of products, said Christian Beckner, the National Retail Federation’s vice president of retail technology and cybersecurity. And AI could crawl social media to automatically design clothes or products based on trends, allowing retailers to get new items to market quickly.


But more AI could mean more risks.

“The key concern would be … the risk of algorithmic discrimination or adverse consequences in how you treat different types of customers,” Beckner said. “There definitely needs to be a level of caution.”

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  • Christian Beckner

    Adjunct Senior Fellow

    Christian Beckner is currently the senior director of retail technology and cybersecurity at the National Retail Federation. In this capacity, Beckner leads NRF’s CIO Council,...