December 08, 2016

Air Force One Costs Billions of Dollars Because It’s a Flying White House

Source: Bloomberg Politics

Journalist: Margaret Talev

Donald Trump took aim at one of the most visible emblems of the American presidency with his attack on plans for a new Air Force One, turning the iconoclastic message that got him elected on the very office he’ll occupy in six weeks.

In a tweet Tuesday morning, Trump said a contract with Boeing Co. to build two new versions of the presidential plane would be too expensive. He estimated the price to be $4 billion, adding: "Cancel order!"

The missive once again thrust a major U.S. corporation into the president-elect’s cross-hairs. A new version of Air Force One won’t be available until at least 2023, late in Trump’s second term if he is re-elected. Until then, Trump will inherit the aircraft that now transports President Barack Obama, replacing the billionaire’s beloved, gold-trimmed Boeing 757 that flew him across the country during his campaign.

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