October 20, 2022

As Russia Retreats, Abandoned Gear Joins Ranks of Ukraine Army

Source: Barron's

Journalist: AFP

On Monday, the Ukrainian defence ministry posted on its Twitter account a video of a Ukrainian vehicle towing what it said was the "latest model" of Russian T-90A tank out of a river.

"Autumn has come... and it is time for him to join the ranks" of the Ukrainian army, it said in the caption.

Michael Kofman, an expert at the Washington-based Center for New American Security, said all seized equipment was welcome for the Ukrainians. "You still see a lot of civilian vehicles, lightly armoured vehicles, being used in attacks" by the Ukrainian army, he said. But "it is not because it is special Ukrainian tactics. Ukrainians are still short of battle armoured vehicles."

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  • Michael Kofman

    Former Adjunct Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Security Program

    Michael Kofman serves as a Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Naval Analyses' Russia Studies Program, and a Fellow at the Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Internation...