May 16, 2014

Bensahel: Active-Reserve relations need to be overhauled -- and the Army is in trouble

Source: Foreign Policy

Journalist: Thomas E. Ricks

Suddenly it seems like most of the smart thinking about the future of the U.S. military is being done by women. Today's example isNora Bensahel, who has issued a sharp critique of where the U.S. military is at, with some recommendations about how it can do better.

One of her major points is that the relations between the active-duty military and the reserves need to be overhauled, especially since "tensions between the two components continue to escalate." She argues for revisiting the idea of blended active-reserve units. This is of course a touchy area bristling with political hot buttons, but that makes it something that OSD and Congress especially can address. Perhaps Defense Secretary Hagel could make this a project over the next two years.

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