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May 17, 2021

Biden wants ‘calm’ in the Mideast. So much for peace.

Featuring Ilan Goldenberg


Journalist Nahal Toosi

The Biden administration would like Israelis and Palestinians to “calm” down. Ideally, a “sustainable calm” that comes because the two sides “deescalate tensions” and bring a “halt to the violence.”

In speeches, interviews, tweets and call readouts, President Joe Biden and his aides have used some version of the above terms more than 40 times during the past week.

But what about “peace,” “peace talks,” or even “cease-fire”?

Not so much.

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  • Ilan Goldenberg

    Former Senior Fellow and Director, Middle East Security Program

    Ilan Goldenberg is the former Senior Fellow and Director of the Middle East Security Program at the Center for a New American Security. He is a foreign policy and defense expe...