December 13, 2023

China chip firm powered by US tech and money avoids Biden's crackdown

Source: Reuters

Journalists: Alexandra Alper, Eduardo Baptista

Chinese tech companies with links to the Chinese military often get added to the entity list, but Brite has never faced such restrictions, public records show.

"It sure seems like they would be a candidate for an entity listing," said Emily Kilcrease, a former trade official now at the Center for a New American Security, after reviewing Reuters' findings.

The United States has created new obstacles for U.S. suppliers to send technology to Chinese companies involved in the production of advanced chips, even when they are not entity listed.

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  • Emily Kilcrease

    Senior Fellow and Director, Energy, Economics and Security Program

    Emily Kilcrease is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Energy, Economics, and Security Program at CNAS. Her research focuses on the U.S.-China economic relationship; alignment...