February 16, 2021

China Increases Production Of AIP Submarines With Massive New Shipyard

Source: Naval News

Journalist: H Sutton

Behind the closed doors of imposing new construction halls, bedecked with a ginormous Chinese flag, workers are busy with the serial production of submarines. The subs are known to include versions of the current Type-039A Yuan Class AIP (Air Independent Power) submarines. Evidence seen by the author shows that several boats are being constructed at once. This means a much greater capacity than many other submarine yards around the world.

The submarines will be for the Chinese Navy ( PLAN – People’s Liberation Army Navy) as well as export customers. The Pakistan Navy and Royal Thai Navy are known to be customers of the types of submarine being built here. And the vast production facility is likely to be a factor in the China’s competitiveness on the international submarine market. China is beginning to compete with traditional Western countries like France and Germany. And in terms of capacity, it is likely that Chinese yards can out-build their competitors.

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  • Tom Shugart

    Adjunct Senior Fellow, Defense Program

    Tom Shugart is an Adjunct Senior Fellow with the Defense Program at the Center for a New American Security. His research focuses on undersea warfare and maritime competition, ...