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August 14, 2019

China's Hong Kong checkmate

Featuring Daniel Kliman

Source: Axios

Journalist Dave Lawler

Images of Chinese troops massing near Hong Kong have led to fears of an impending crackdown on pro-democracy protesters — but China's next move will be dangerous, no matter what it is.

The big picture: Allowing Hong Kong's dramatic displays of dissent to rage on is intolerable for the Communist Party. But if China attempts another crackdown on the scale of Tiananmen Square 30 years ago, it would prompt a global backlash and risk steep economic repercussions.

The latest: Protests sparked by a controversial extradition bill have intensified over 10 weeks into a rebellion against Chinese control over the former British colony and global finance hub.

Riot police swarmed into Hong Kong's international airport Tuesday night and dispersed protesters who caused two days of chaos and cancellations at the world’s 8th busiest airport.

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  • Daniel Kliman

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