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November 23, 2021

China's New Privacy Law Leaves U.S. Behind

Featuring Martijn Rasser

Source: Axios

Journalist Ashley Gold

While China's sweeping new data privacy laws have left tech companies confused about how to comply, they also put the U.S. even further behind in the global race to set digital standards.

What's happening: China enacted its Personal Information Privacy Law earlier this month, following Europe as the second major international player to have its own sweeping data privacy regulations.


The U.S. still does not have a federal data privacy law, and China's move could allow it to set future global norms on its terms. Meanwhile, tech companies doing business in China will have to navigate the vague new rules, and that could be expensive.

Not having a federal privacy law "impairs America's global leadership on the issue, and the fact that there is this patchwork makes it difficult to have meaningful interaction on the international stage on these issues," Martijn Rasser, senior fellow and director of the technology and national security program at the Center for a New American Security, told Axios.

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  • Martijn Rasser

    Senior Fellow and Director, Technology and National Security Program

    Martijn Rasser is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Technology and National Security Program at CNAS. Prior to joining CNAS, Rasser served as a senior intelligence officer a...