April 06, 2023

DeFi Needs to Comply With Anti-Money Laundering Rules, US Treasury Says

Source: Bloomberg

Journalist: Daniel Flatley

Alex Zerden, a former Treasury official who advises cryptocurrency firms on their illicit-finance risks, said that while the broader regulation of digital assets remains a divisive legal and legislative issue, Treasury has been attempting to settle some open questions about the technology with guidance and reports like the one issued Thursday.

“Treasury remains consistent in identifying activities that are subject to AML/CFT requirements, regardless of what the activities are called,” Zerden said.

“New technologies may pose novel questions,” Zerden said in an email. But “Treasury continues to focus on the importance of public-private partnerships and the need to reach nontraditional actors who may have Bank Secrecy Act obligations.”

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  • Alex Zerden

    Adjunct Senior Fellow, Energy, Economics, and Security Program, Founder and Principal, Capitol Peak Strategies LLC

    Alex Zerden is the founder and principal of Capital Peak Strategies LLC, a FinTech, digital asset, and emerging technologies advisory firm. As a regulatory lawyer, economic po...