January 31, 2019

Even some Republicans balk as Trump targets US spy chiefs

Source: CNN

Journalist: Stephen Collinson

Even after two years, President Donald Trump's assaults on US spy chiefs are shocking coming from a commander in chief.

The President's Twitter barrage over a global threat matrix produced by US intelligence agencies that contradicts with his idiosyncratic worldview is hardly a surprise given his past behavior. His habit of fashioning a truth that fits his personal prejudices and goals over an objective version of reality has been an undercurrent to his political career.

But when that often-successful political method is carried into the realm of national security, it can be deeply destructive.

"Recently he seems to put his political position, things he wants to achieve as political objectives, far above any informed assessment that the intelligence community is providing to him," said Carrie Cordero, a former counsel to the assistant attorney general for national security, on CNN on Wednesday.

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  • Carrie Cordero

    Robert M. Gates Senior Fellow

    Carrie Cordero is the Robert M. Gates Senior Fellow and General Counsel at CNAS. Her research and writing interests focus on homeland security and intelligence community overs...