August 29, 2022

Fast, cheap, deadly: the budget drone changing global warfare

Source: Financial Times

Journalists: Laura Pitel, Raya Jalabi

But their role in the Ukrainian campaign against Russia has been a coup for Baykar. Many of the foreign buyers the company is courting lack sophisticated air forces of their own or are interested in using drones against adversaries without advanced air defences.“

Drones allow states that don’t necessarily have the resources to buy advanced fighter jets to have that capability,” says Erik Lin-Greenberg, an expert on emerging military technology at MIT. “A TB2 isn’t going to substitute for a fighter jet. [But] many states view drones as allowing them to leapfrog generations of tech.”

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  • Erik Lin-Greenberg

    Adjunct Fellow, Defense Program, Assistant Professor of Political Science, MIT

    Dr. Erik Lin-Greenberg is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at MIT, where he is an affiliate of the Security Studies Program. His research examines how emerging mili...