December 14, 2016

Former DoD Comptroller Hale Offers Cost-Cutting Reform Agenda

Source: Defense News

Journalist: Joe Gould

The year-end ritual across the Defense Department is “use it or lose it,” with employees racing to spend every last dollar on office equipment and information technology, hoping to save their budgets from next year’s axe. 

But there’s a better way, according to former Defense Department Comptroller Bob Hale. Hale, a BoozAllen fellow, has a list of cost-saving recommendations in a 15-page report published by the Center for a New American Security this week.

To curb hurried spending at the end of the fiscal year, which often accounts for lower-quality contracts, the new administration would instead allow small amounts to carry over into the next year. One federal agency with carry-over authority, the Justice Department, experienced significantly smaller spending spikes as the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30, draws to a close. 

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  • Robert F. Hale

    Former Adjunct Senior Fellow, Defense Program

    The Honorable Robert F. Hale is a former Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security and a Senior Executive Advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton. From 2009 until...