March 14, 2014

Golden Hammer: Mess-less base leaves a mess in Afghanistan

Source: The Washington Times

Journalist: Phillip Swarts

The latest spending mishap in Afghanistan probably left a lot of soldiers hungry. That’s because a $4 million base built for the Afghan National Army (ANA) was constructed without a dining hall.

The administrative building and troop barracks were built well. The water, sewer and electrical systems were installed properly. The guard towers and walls were sturdy and would protect the troops.

But the dining hall was left an open-air pit.

Camp Monitor, in the northern part of Afghanistan near the border with Turkmenistan, was built by the Defense Department as part of the plan to prepare the Afghan National Army to fend for itself once international forces withdraw later this year. But the lack of a place to chow down left troops understandably reluctant to use it.

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  • David W. Barno

  • USA (Ret.)