January 05, 2014

Government Matters - Jan. 5, 2014

Featuring Phillip Carter

Source: WJLA-TV (ABC)

On this week's edition of Government Matters:

-Hatzel Vela has an in-depth report on the Federal Aviation Administration's selection of six states to develop test sites for drones.
-Mark Forman, former administrator for E-government under President George W. Bush, discusses the return to focus on governance over I.T.
-Phillip Carter, senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, examines the future use of civilian contractors in times of war.
-Haywood Talcove, CEO of government at Lexis-Nexis, explains what federal managers should learn from the Target data breach.

  • Phillip Carter

    Senior Fellow and Director, Military, Veterans, and Society Program

    Phillip Carter is Senior Fellow and Director of the Military, Veterans, and Society Program at the Center for a New American Security.  His research focuses on issues facing v...