March 01, 2021

How Biden’s best-laid plans for Iran and Saudi Arabia failed in his first month

Featuring Kaleigh Thomas

Source: Vox

Journalist Alex Ward

President Joe Biden’s first month handling Iran and Saudi Arabia shows the new administration has succumbed to a classic problem: Initial plans and promises made during a campaign rarely survive once you’re actually governing.

As the Democratic candidate, Biden promised a swift return to the Iran nuclear deal. He then aimed to leverage that negotiation to curb other aspects of Tehran’s aggressive behavior — like its growing ballistic missile program — in follow-on chats.

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  • Kaleigh Thomas

    Associate Fellow, Middle East Security Program

    Kaleigh Thomas is the Associate Fellow for the Middle East Security Program and 2020 recipient of the 1LT Andrew J. Bacevich Jr., USA Award at CNAS. She also serves as the cof...