October 17, 2017

How Donald Trump is negotiating like a hostage-taker

Source: CNN

Journalist: Ronald Brownstein

As a candidate, Donald Trump sold himself as a deal maker. As president, he's governing more as a hostage taker.

Across an array of domestic and foreign challenges, Trump's go-to move has become to create what amounts to a political hostage situation. He's either terminating, or threatening to terminate, a series of domestic and international policies adopted by earlier administrations -- and insisting that others grant him concessions to change his mind.

Over just the past week, Trump has executed this maneuver three separate times. Last Wednesday, with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sitting beside him, Trump reaffirmed his willingness to walk away from the North American Free Trade Agreement that has linked the US, Mexico and Canada since 1994.

Then on Friday came a double-header. In a belligerent speech, Trump declared that without significant changes he would abandon the international nuclear deal with Iran. On the same day, Trump officially ended the "cost-sharing reduction" payments that help limit health costs for low-income consumers under the Affordable Care Act and then tweeted: "Dems should call me to fix!"

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