February 25, 2019

How Jeanne Shaheen Fills a Void in Trump’s Foreign Policy

Source: POLITICO Magazine

Journalist: Emily Tamkin

It’s not easy being one of the few women to play a senior role in the making of American foreign policy. Twenty-five months into his presidency, Donald Trump’s national security team is a distinctly all-male affair, with top jobs being filled not just with men, but with what one Trump aide once described as “alpha males”—giving America’s posture toward the world a distinctly testosterone-charged feel.

Trump’s national security adviser is a man. So is his secretary of State, who boasts of “swagger” on the world stage. So is his acting Defense secretary. Their deputies? Mostly men. Indeed, name any top foreign policy job in this administration—with the notable exception of United Nations ambassador, for which Trump recently nominated Canadian Ambassador Kelly Knight Craft—and it’s likely filled by a man.

In fact, both parties now suffer from a severe deficit of female voices on foreign policy, with dangerous repercussions for America’s national security, experts warn, not to mention the world’s peace and stability.

One of the only senior women to have any voice on America’s role abroad is Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a New Hampshire Democrat and the lone woman on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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