August 09, 2021

Immigration Defines Homeland Security Chief as He Thinks Bigger

Source: Bloomberg Government

Journalist: Ellen Gilmer

Alejandro Mayorkas leads a sprawling department tasked with keeping the U.S. safe from cyberattacks, domestic terrorism, natural disasters, and other looming threats. But critiques of his job performance tend to focus on one thing: immigration.

Border security has emerged as Republicans’ go-to line of attack against the Biden administration. Progressive Democrats aren’t satisfied on immigration policy either. Only six months into his tenure, Mayorkas is trying to navigate the outrage from both sides without losing sight of his broader commitment to stabilize a department long plagued by management challenges and low morale.

“We are all aware of the reality that we are tackling these issues uppermost in the American public’s mind at a time of extreme political divisiveness,” Mayorkas said in an Aug. 4 interview with Bloomberg Government. “That’s the reality of the situation. And all the more reason why the return to our axis of integrity—apolitical dedication to mission—is so vital.”

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  • Carrie Cordero

    Robert M. Gates Senior Fellow

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