March 18, 2014

In Game of Strategy, SOCOM Outsmarting Conventional Military

Featuring Ben FitzGerald

Source: National Defense

Journalist Sandra I. Erwin

Of the three primary missions the Defense Department expects to tackle in the coming decade — protect the homeland, work with allies to increase global security, and prepare for a major conflict  — at least one is being cornered by U.S. Special Operations Command.

The Pentagon’s forecast of how the military will fight wars in the future — detailed in the 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review — continues to hammer on the idea that U.S. forces can’t do it all, and should train foreign allies to help fight insurgencies and terrorist groups. 

All branches of the military do some form of “security cooperation” work with foreign allies, but SOCOM is likely to become a “bigger planner” in this area, said John R. Deni, a professor of security studies at the Army War College and a former political adviser to U.S. military commanders in Europe.

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  • Ben FitzGerald

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