June 07, 2021

Making America Global Again

Source: Project Syndicate

Journalists: Anne-Marie Slaughter, Kazumi Hoshino-Macdonald

WASHINGTON, DC – The liberal international order remains trapped in the twentieth century. As autocracies like China and Russia increasingly develop spheres of cooperation, the United States is responding by building or strengthening regional groupings of its own, from NATO to the Indo-Pacific Quad (the US, Japan, Australia, and India). But America should instead take a global approach that focuses on values and visions rather than on countries.

Emerging strains of authoritarianism pose new challenges to democratic aspirations from Crimea to Taiwan. In both Eastern Europe and East Asia, proliferating “gray-zone” warfare tactics are jeopardizing countries’ territorial integrity, open trading systems, democratic elections, technology supply chains, and the rule of law. These illiberal threats are no longer just European, American, or Asian issues. They target all open societies, international human rights, and democracy itself.

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