January 24, 2023

NATO's Most Advanced Tanks Could Change the Course of War in Ukraine

Source: Voice of America

Journalist: Rob Garver

With a few exceptions, Russian forces have been stopped from advancing further into Ukraine and have been driven back to a band of territory along the eastern side of the country. In the areas they still hold, though, Russian forces have built strong defensive positions meant to limit Ukraine's ability to maneuver around them.

Andrew Metrick, a fellow in the Defense Program at the Center for a New American Security, told VOA that tanks could help remedy that problem.

"It's about restoring the ability for operational maneuver by Ukrainian armed forces," he said. "It's creating forces that break through entrenched Russian positions and allow them to exploit superior firepower and mobility to roll up the Russian forces.”

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  • Andrew Metrick

    Fellow, Defense Program

    Andrew Metrick is a Fellow with Defense Program at CNAS. His research focuses on the linkages between strategic objectives and operational plans with a specific interest in un...