July 30, 2019

North Korea tests missiles for the second time in a week

Source: Vox

Journalist: Alex Ward

North Korea appears to have tested its second set of missiles in just a week — a sign that its displeasure with South Korea and the US is growing.

The South Korean military says its northern neighbor launched two short-range missiles near Wonsan, a city on the North Korea’s eastern coast, early Wednesday morning local time. They flew eastward about 155 miles and rose about 19 miles high.

“Our military is tracking and watching the related movement in preparation to additional launches, and is maintaining readiness posture,” South Korean armed forces said in a statement.

This isn’t an isolated incident. Pyongyang tested two short-range missiles last week — also from the same area — evidently as a message to Seoul not to go forward with a planned August military exercise. South Korea has not cancelled the drill, so North Korea may have chosen to send another message in the hope it would get through this time.

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  • Duyeon Kim