August 02, 2019

NTIA Spectrum Review Request Signals ‘Substantial’ Delay in Part of 5G Strategy

Source: Morning Consult

Journalist: Dwight A. Weingarten

A key part of the plan for the United States to compete in the global race to 5G has been delayed, and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s requests for agencies to review their spectrum needs indicate that it might be a while until the agency delivers its report.

The agency, which manages the government’s use of spectrum and was due to deliver a national strategy to the president last month, sent a letter Thursday to federal agencies requiring them to review their use of two spectrum bands and provide the information to the agency over the next six to nine months.

The letter was delivered 10 days after the agency missed a deadline set by President Donald Trump in an Oct. 25 memorandum. The memorandum directed Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to work through the NTIA to submit a national spectrum strategy within 270 days, which would put the deadline at July 22.

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