November 11, 2014

Obama, Xi likely to focus on common ground in meeting on sidelines of Apec

Featuring Ely Ratner

Source: The Straits Times

Journalist Jeremy Au Yong

WHILE sticky issues like maritime disputes, cyber-spying and the Hong Kong protests will be on the agenda when US President Barack Obama meets with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on Tuesday in Beijing, analysts say that both will likely want to focus on common ground after a year of strained ties.

Still, Washington observers are keeping their expectations low, noting that Mr Obama will be travelling with a modest agenda, seeking a more "feel good" outcome as he turns to foreign policy for a boost after the disastrous mid-term election results.

"There's been a lot of intensive high-level negotiation or meetings heading into this summit... We should not be expecting a big departure from existing US-China policy. I think they want to demonstrate that we're making progress in the relationship with China that advances American economic interests," said Dr Ely Ratner of the Centre for a New American Security.

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  • Ely Ratner

    Former Executive Vice President and Director of Studies

    Ely Ratner is the former Executive Vice President and Director of Studies at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), where he was a member of the executive team and res...