April 06, 2023

Old tactics could slow China's advances in technology race

Source: National Journal

Journalist: Philip Athey

While the chip-export controls may slow down China’s advances in technology, it may still be possible for Beijing to acquire the tech it needs for quantum development.

“These controls were targeted at the high-end chips to slow down advancements in A.I. and quantum computing,” said Alexandra Seymour, an associate fellow for the Technology and National Security program at the Center for New American Security.

But, Seymour said, China may pivot and learn to use lower-end chips to achieve its goals.

While artificial intelligence has benefited from early investment by China, government oversight of the technology has pushed it to be more focused on surveillance, while the U.S. has had a broader A.I. investment leading to a recent explosion in generative A.I. tech that China was unable to match.


“There is a quality-versus-quantity question, especially in key technology areas,” Seymour said. “We're still seeing the United States is leading in terms of impact, in terms of citations and moving innovation forward.”

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  • Alexandra Seymour

    Former Associate Fellow, Technology and National Security Program

    Alexandra Seymour was an Associate Fellow for the Technology and National Security Program at CNAS. Her work focuses on artificial intelligence, defense innovation, semiconduc...