December 14, 2015

Panel: Evolving Defense Technologies Require New Strategies

Featuring Elbridge Colby

Source: Defense News

Journalist Andrew Clevenger

WASHINGTON — With the United States’ technological edge in defense eroding as potential adversaries develop capabilities, the US needs to develop new strategies for future engagements, a panel of experts said Monday.

For example, Russia’s recent behavior suggests that it doesn’t have a similar view to the US on warfare and competition, said Jerry Hendrix, director of the Center for New American Security Defense Strategies and Assessments program.

Russia’s maneuvers into Crimea and Ukraine were hybrid warfare, with "little green men" and some standoff intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities, he said. In Syria, Russia has been not been using precision strike weapons or laser-guided bombs, but dropping “dumb bombs.”

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  • Elbridge Colby