March 05, 2024

Pentagon’s priority on AI spending could shield it from cuts

Source: Roll Call

Journalist: Briana Reilly

Josh Wallin, a fellow in the Center for a New American Security’s defense program, predicted that DOD’s planned AI expenditures would be “relatively safe” in future budgets — especially compared with major acquisition programs, for example, where there’s a tendency to lower production quantities of certain systems to free up money.

“When we look at AI investments, and especially when we’re talking about things like research and development, that’s kind of an all-or-nothing thing,” Wallin said in an interview. “You can’t necessarily decide to pause if you’re anticipating that you’re going to have some future developments in these systems.”

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  • Josh Wallin

    Fellow, Defense Program

    Josh Wallin is a Fellow in the Defense Program at CNAS. His research forms part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Safety & Stability Project, focusing on technology and ...