April 14, 2021

President Joe Biden Is Withdrawing U.S. Forces from Afghanistan. What Happens Now?

Source: Time

Journalists: W.J. Hennigan, Kimberly Dozier

After nearly 20 years, more than 2,300 U.S. troops dead, more than 20,000 wounded, hundreds of thousands of Afghans maimed or killed and $2 trillion spent, President Joe Biden has decided the United States has seen enough of the war in Afghanistan.

U.S. officials say Biden intends to formally announce on Wednesday that all American and allied forces plan to withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11, the fateful date which led to the American invasion almost two decades ago. Biden’s decision, a result of nearly three months of White House analysis, pushes back the previously announced May 1 deadline that was negotiated between the Trump Administration and the Taliban.

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  • Lisa Curtis

    Senior Fellow and Director, Indo-Pacific Security Program

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