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September 22, 2022

Putin’s Troop Call-Up Will Prolong but Not Win War: Experts

Featuring Michael Kofman

Source: Kyiv Post

Journalist AFP Staff

Michael Kofman, a defense specialist at the Center for a New American Security, a Washington think tank, cautioned against dismissing the effort. It will help Moscow fortify the current battle lines under heavy pressure from Ukraine fighters backed by Western arms. “It’s clear the Russian military is very vulnerable going into the winter, and actually looking even worse coming out into 2023,” Kofman said Wednesday. “So what it does do is it may extend the Russian ability to sort of sustain this war, but not change the overall trajectory and outcome.”

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  • Michael Kofman

    Adjunct Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Security Program

    Michael Kofman serves as a Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Naval Analyses' Russia Studies Program, and a Fellow at the Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Internation...