February 07, 2023

Rep. Houlahan on How to End the China ‘Hullaballoon’


Journalists: Alexander Ward, Matt Berg, Lawrence Ukenye

Amid fallout from that Chinese spy balloon transversing the U.S. and the new GOP-led House hinting at broad spending cuts, lawmakers will need to figure out how to strategically deter a country not bound to any nuclear arms agreement.

“Beijing's overall nuclear buildup is forcing the United States to reassess—although not always revise—fundamental elements of U.S. nuclear deterrence strategy and force posture,” said the Center for a New American Security’s JACOB STOKES, author of a new report on China’s nuclear buildup and its effect on the security dynamics between the U.S. and Taiwan.

One of those questions to ask, per Stokes: “If in the medium term, the U.S. is still dominant in only two of three legs in the nuclear triad, is that enough to deter the types of behaviors from China we're trying to deter?"

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  • Jacob Stokes

    Senior Fellow, Indo-Pacific Security Program

    Jacob Stokes is a Senior Fellow for the Indo-Pacific Security Program at CNAS, where his work focuses on U.S.-China relations, Chinese foreign and military policy, East Asian ...