December 14, 2016

Report: Strategy, Not Acquisition Reform, Central to Maintain DoD Tech Edge

Source: Defense News

Journalist: Aaron Mehta

If the Pentagon wants to maintain a technological edge over near-peer adversaries, it needs to develop a serious strategic plan and not just focus on improving the acquisition systems, a new report from the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) has concluded. 

The report, “Future Foundry: A New Strategic Approach to Military-Technical Advantage,” concludes that “the Department of Defense must recognize that its military-technical challenges are a matter of strategy — the fundamental approach the department takes to generating technological advantage — not simply of acquisition policy.” 

That is contrary to much of the focus from both the Pentagon and Capitol Hill in recent years, which tends to emphasize the need to increase the speed of the acquisition system. 

Read the full article at Defense News.


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