July 07, 2011

Results: Top 10 Defence Blogs 2011

Top Security & Defence Blogs

 We will be updating and reviewing our top ten quarterly, so please do keep on sending in your suggestions because we’re always looking for talented writers. So shoot us a couple of lines at newsletter@defenceiq.com orleave a comment about your daily defence reads and why they should be featured on Defence IQ.
 Defence IQ’s Picks:

Danger Room might be run by self-anointed defence geeks, but their appeal stretches far beyond the eclectically techy (though it can cater to these tastes too). Providing commentary on current affairs, futuristic (and often dystopian) inventions, security laws and much more, Danger Room gives a fascinating snapshot of the current and future trajectory of defence technology and the policies that govern it. The blog is made even more addictive by its pithy prose, eye-catching images and YouTube videos.

Abu Muqawama, apart from possibly having the coolest name in the defence blogosphere, provides formidable analysis on US defence policy, strategy (or lack of) and Middle East issues. Andrew Exum doesn't pull any punches as the self-styled 'father of the resistance'. Taking a frank and often critical look at counter-insurgency strategy, Exum's posts are unfailingly well-argued and comprehensive. It is no surprise that Exum has gained the reputation of an authoritative commentator on US and Middle East strategy.

Ares Blog, which is run by Aviation Week, is a seminal defence technology blog that gives you the latest updates on global air forces, ordnance, fixed and rotor wing aviation, industry acquisitions and everything you would like to know about the aerospace field. Ares is more technical-in-style than Danger Room and an essential read for any military professionals operating in the aerospace field.

There is nothing particularly small about the topics covered by the Small Wars Journal Blog, which is aimed at engaging small wars practitioners. Run by numerous passionate and high profile contributors, Small Wars Journal Blog offers searing analysis on small wars topics from guerrilla warfare in Colombia to counterinsurgency operations in the Middle East. OK, so we admit that there was a bit of friction as to whether SWJ fell into ‘blog’ or ‘journal’ territory. Either way, both are a good read. So add them to your bookmarks.

Some might argue that this blog has more in common with 'armchair academics' than it does 'kings of war', but that doesn't diminish the unique perspective that Kings of War offers on All Things War Strategy. Launched from the intellectual armoury of the Department of War Studies at King's College London, Kings of War offers incisive and witty commentary and musings on current affairs, counter-insurgency and international relations. There is also the occasional, charming post on archaic stoves.

Michael Yon 

Michael Yon, former Green Beret, has been writing from the frontlines of Afghanistan and Iraq since 2004. Funded solely through dedicated supporters, his ability to report his experiences through haunting images, visceral anecdotes and cerebral analysis has given him a well-earned place in global defence media.


War is Boring

Quirky, cutting and very, very good, there is no other blog quite like War is Boring. Meshing together a hotchpotch of sardonic comic book strips, news roundups from around the globe and insightful, technical interviews, War is Boring is a rare, if not difficult to define, gem of a blog in the defence media space.

Information Dissemination defines itself as the ‘intersection of maritime strategy and strategic communications’. Driven by a handful of passionate contributors, you’ll be hard pressed to find more intelligent, opinionated, and occasionally angry, analysis on piracy, naval developments and maritime strategy. Definitely worth adding to your bookmarks. 

It’s no surprise that Tom Ricks, a journalist who has been part of a Pulitzer prize-winning team twice, runs one of the most influential blogs in the defense blogosphere. The prolific updates on the Best Defense range from summarising an interesting defense story in the headlines to unique perspectives and book reviews from guest contributors. For bite-sized insights into what’s going on in US foreign policy, Ricks’s blog is a daily staple.

Run by an RAF Airman who is currently deployed in Afghanistan, RAFAirman’s blog offers a vivid, unique and arresting account of being on the frontline as part of Joint Organisation operations. Reading his blog is an experience: whether he’s poignantly describing the taste of a cool can of coke or relaying the dangers that local civilians face from Taliban insurgents on a daily basis, his writing is masterfully engaging. A must read.