April 20, 2021

Russia Plans ‘Flying Minefield’ To Counter Drone Attacks

Source: Forbes

Journalist: David Hambling

The Russian military has released new details of its use in Syria of small kamikaze drones, known as loitering munitions, made by a Kalashnikov subsidiary. The drone maker is also working on deploying a drone ‘aerial minefield’ that could intercept enemy drones, which have recently proven troublesome for Russian air defenses.

Russia has lagged conspicuously behind the U.S., China, Israel and others in the field of unmanned aviation. Even Turkey has recently enjoyed more success in developing and exporting new military drones, and has been hailed as a new 'drone superpower,' while Russian exports tend to be confined to client states like Myanmar. However, Russia is now embarking on an ambitious modernization program, which ranges from full-size stealth combat drones to portable tactical devices.

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