September 01, 2022

Russia-Ukraine war: Algeria could face weapons crisis due to conflict, say analysts

Source: Middle East Eye

Journalist: Paul Iddon

Russian weapons sales to Algeria are likely to fall as a result of the conflict in Ukraine, but the North African country is so heavily reliant on Moscow for its military hardware that it's an uphill battle to look for alternatives elsewhere, analysts say. Importers of Russian weaponry are facing increased risks of supply shortages, with Russian manufacturers racing to meet the needs of their own country's military.

"It's possible that given how much Russian-made hardware is already in Algeria and given decades of local experience using such technology, Russia may opt for some form of localised arms production in the North African country," [Bendett] told Middle East Eye

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  • Samuel Bendett

    Adjunct Senior Fellow, Technology and National Security Program

    Samuel Bendett is an Adviser with CNA Strategy, Policy, Plans and Programs Center (SP3), where he is a member of the Russia Studies Program. His work involves research on the ...