August 20, 2020

Russian Robot Helicopter Could Do More Than Search And Rescue

Source: Forbes

Journalist: Kelsey D. Atherton

For people who get lost at sea off Russian coasts, rescue may come in the form of a robot helicopter.

Set for display at the upcoming Army 2020 Military Technology Exposition, the as-yet-unnamed robot rotorcraft weighs in at just under 100 lbs. It was developed by the Search and Rescue service of St. Petersburg and has the notable distinction of being one of a very few helicopter-style drones developed and tested in wind tunnels in Russia.

“This UAV is made by Radar MMS, which develops different types of UAVs. Most of the UAVs flying in Russia are fixed-wing type, but the helicopter models are also growing in different markets, from energy companies to federal law enforcement to the military and security agencies,” said Samuel Bendett, a CNAS Adjunct Senior Fellow who researches applications of Russian military unmanned system and AI.

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  • Samuel Bendett

    Adjunct Senior Fellow, Technology and National Security Program

    Samuel Bendett is an Adviser with CNA Strategy, Policy, Plans and Programs Center (SP3), where he is a member of the Russia Studies Program. His work involves research on the ...