October 31, 2018

SDF suspends anti-ISIS operation after Turkish attacks on northern Syria

Featuring Nicholas Heras

Source: The Defense Post

Journalist Fergus Kelly

The Syrian Democratic Forces said on Wednesday, October 31 that it has temporarily halted its fight against Islamic State due to a series of Turkish military attacks along the border with northern Syria that began on Sunday night.

The SDF, supported by the U.S.-led Coalition has since September been fighting against the last pocket of ISIS territory around Hajin in the Deir Ezzor region near the Iraq border.

In recent days, a series of counter-attacks by ISIS fighters taking advantage of sand storms pushed the SDF out of areas it had captured from the jihadists, prompting the SDF to send battle-hardened special forces and other experienced troops to the area from northern Syria.

The SDF general command said in a statement that six Turkish attacks along the border had “led to the temporary halt” in operations, and could lead to a “long-term suspension of our military campaign” against ISIS “which Turkey wants.”

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