September 27, 2019

'Spaghetti at the wall': Russia rewriting World War II history to justify modern aggression

Featuring Carisa Nietsche

Source: Washington Examiner

Journalist Russ Read

Several Twitter accounts belonging to the Russian Foreign Ministry have been pushing false narratives about the Soviet Union's involvement in World War II in what experts believe is an attempt to justify the Kremlin's recent actions.

The Russian accounts launched the hashtag #TruthAboutWWII on Aug. 19, four days before the 80th anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which established a non-aggression agreement between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Included in the treaty was a secret clause that divided Europe into Soviet and Nazi spheres, which scholars agree lead to the outbreak of World War II. The Soviets denied the existence of the secret clause.

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  • Carisa Nietsche

    Associate Fellow, Transatlantic Security Program

    Carisa Nietsche is an Associate Fellow for the Transatlantic Security Program at CNAS. She specializes in Europe-China relations, transatlantic technology policy, and threats ...