September 25, 2014

Taiwan's Investigation Of Xiaomi Is As Much About Politics As Cybersecurity

Source: International Business Times

Journalist: Matt Schiavenza

The Taiwanese government’s investigation of Xiaomi, a popular smartphone manufacturer based in mainland China, for a security breach reveals the extent to which Taiwan, whose economic integration with China in recent years has sparked controversy throughout the island, has sought to allay national security concerns ignited by its relationship with Beijing. 

Founded three years ago by Lei Jun, an entrepreneur whose slim frame and turtleneck sweaters has evoked comparisons to Apple founder Steve Jobs, Xiaomi has captured market share in China by offering an inexpensive alternative to upmarket brands like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy series.

But in August, F-Secure Oyj, a Finnish cybersecurity company, revealed that a default setting on Xiaomi’s cloud-based messaging system stored user messages on the company’s servers -- which are based in mainland China. By Chinese law, companies are required to turn over user information upon the government’s request.

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  • Amy Chang