July 01, 2019

The one big benefit to Trump’s diplomacy with Kim Jong Un

Source: Vox

Journalist: Alex Ward

Shortly before becoming president, Donald Trump received a stark message from the man he would soon replace, Barack Obama: North Korea would be the biggest foreign policy challenge facing the new administration. Its growing nuclear and missile arsenals vexed the Democrat’s administration, and they were only likely to improve while the Republican was in office.

But two and a half years into Trump’s tenure, it appears that Pyongyang is no longer as big a problem as it was just a few years ago — because Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s relationship seems surprisingly strong.

Two summits and an impromptu one-hour meeting on Sunday — in which Trump became the first sitting president to set foot in North Korea after he requested a chat over Twitter — show their relationship may be enough to keep their countries from conflict. While Kim still has nuclear bombs and missiles, and has surely added to both arsenals since Trump took over, it’s much less likely now that he would use them against the United States or its Asian allies, some experts say.

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  • Duyeon Kim