July 24, 2023

Trump and DeSantis debut dueling military policies

Source: The Hill

Journalist: Ellen Mitchell

“There doesn’t seem to be very much daylight between the two of them on a couple of different fronts,” said Katherine Kuzminski, an armed forces expert and society at the Center for a New American Security, a Washington, D.C., think tank.

“I think there’s a real focus on bringing resources back to the U.S. and not extending American leadership abroad. And then, certainly, when it comes to the domestic politics, the pushes for reform within the Department of Defense when it comes to DEI policies and transgender policy,” she said.

“There isn’t really a debate between the two of them on these specific issues … When you look at their policies, they’re not actually all that different,” Kuzminski said.


And Kuzminski said there’s a misperception that the Florida governor is capitalizing on “wokeness” as a recruiting challenge in the U.S. military,

“That is the perception of some who may have served a long time ago, but the reality of military service is that it needs to reflect the population from which it’s drawn,” she said. “That’s a challenge that I think a President Trump 2.0 or President DeSantis is going to run … into if they were to win the election.”


Kuzminski agreed that Trump’s campaign looks to be “hitting harder on making Ukraine repay us,” and “doubling down” on those statements.

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  • Katherine L. Kuzminski

    Deputy Director of Studies, Director, Military, Veterans, and Society Program

    Katherine L. Kuzminski (formerly Kidder) is the Deputy Director of Studies, and the Director of the Military, Veterans, and Society (MVS) Program at CNAS. Her research special...